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Performance evaluation of a tractor mounted pneumatic planter for sorghum in dryland

Performance of a pneumatic planter was studied in both laboratory and actual field conditions using sorghum seeds in context to justify its use in dry land. Pneumatic planter consists of frame, aspirator blower, seed hopper, metering unit, multi-groove metering plate, vacuum retaining plate, furrow opener, pair of ground wheels with power transmission system. The multi groove metering plate having seed hole of diameter 3 mm and vacuum pressure of 2 kPa were used throughout the experiments for picking of single seed. Based on the results of laboratory tests the performance of the pneumatic planter was carried out in field. Data on performance parameters of the pneumatic planter was collected, analyzed and found that, average values of plant to plant spacing, miss index and multiple index, actual field capacity and field efficiency were found to be 101 mm, 2.07%, 3.8%, 0.773 ha/h and 79.7%, respectively.

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