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"4 keys for successful international trading:
Knowledge, Experience, Dependability, and Connections. That is what I bring to the table."

Femi Boyede

My Vision – International Cross Border Trade

 The world is increasingly becoming one big marketplace with global economies becoming increasingly interlinked and interdependent. This of course leads to an amazing range of business opportunities, available to merchants from around the globe. Recent estimates have suggested that the cross-border market has grown from $401bn in 2016 to $994 billion in 2020. However with cross border trading comes lots of challenges, complexities, uncertainties, ever-changing terrains, trade regulations and border controls for all stakeholders. international supply chains. Today’s international business enterprise needs to combine local market knowledge, with a good technological resource staying current on the latest changes in tariffs, trade agreements, and restrictions on the free flow of data in an uncertain political climate.

My 30 years of international trade expertise places me in a leveraged position to work worldwide with clients (both importers and exporters) helping them to successfully navigate the day to day complexities of the international trade industry. Although my focus of speciality has been mostly along the Canadian-Nigerian axis, my expertise is broad and far-reaching. I look forward to assisting both budding and experienced importers and exporters.

Talking Trade & Investment Global (TATRIG) Webinars

“Talking Trade and Investment Global Webinars” – A series of free webinars convened and hosted by Femi Boyede, featuring various International Trade Experts.  It is a virtual platform for engaging discussions on international trade from its components, through the values it offers to individuals, corporations, and countries, reducing poverty, creating employment, growing national economies, increasing corporate profitability.

Talking Trade Webinar (TATRIG) May 2022 Edition


⇔For the May 2022 edition, of our Talking Trade Webinar Series, we invited Dr Ezra Yakusak, the ED/CEO of NEPC (the Nigerian Export Promotion Council), as our Guest Speaker. He spoke on the theme, “Towards an Export-Driven Nigeria: Our Vision, Our Approach.” Click here to watch the full replay of this special May 7th Edition.

Dr Ezra Yakusak, ED/CEO NEPC
The April edition of the Talking Trade webinar took place on Saturday 2nd April, 2022 at 5 pm (WAT) 12 noon (ET).
The theme was “Opportunities and Strategies for Exporters in Crisis Situations: Exploring the Russia-Ukraine War.”
We had an incredible, insightful time with the International Trade expert and Lead Presenter, Dr Bamidele Ayemibo, the Lead Consultant 3T Impex Trade Academy, and the ED/CEO of NEPC, Dr Ezra Yakusak, who made a guest appearance. You can watch the full replay here below or on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/nMECyCWlz6s
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Talking Trade Webinars 2021 – The Journey So Far and a Recap

It was an excellent and befitting way to end the year on a high note. The December webinar featured a special panel of trade experts who highlighted topics discussed over the past months. Contributing speakers gave testimonials of applied principles and how their businesses have progressed from nuggets they picked up in the previous webinars.

Below are the presentation slides from the December webinar. Please click on the arrows to navigate through the flipbook.

You can find more resources collated from the December webinar here.


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Femi has worked for us on several assignments, we found him to be extremely committed and outcome orientated. He has deep knowledge and insights and is also very open to sharing feedback and using these effectively. He is well networked and he is always ready to put in discretionary effort
Prakash Kanth
Vice President Olam International Limited


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