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Femi Boyede is a thought leader in the field of non-oil export and one of Nigeria’s most-profiled leaders in International Trade Consultancy. Together with his team, Femi has worked to promote business development in Nigeria and forge alliances in foreign countries. As part of his track record, Femi has helped external trade agencies in a few countries around the world to execute trade and investment exploration events in selected target markets. Based on his wealth of content, he has up-to-date access to the latest authentic information concerning foreign market trends, import and export updates, commerce laws, market analysis, and segmentation based on foreign business and financial indicators. He has also carved a niche for himself in providing statistics, forecasting, and future projections concerning international trade and investments to clients; making it possible for him to facilitate business interaction among various countries that have engaged him.

  • Femi Boyede has excelled at building people, along with structures. He identifies the development of Human Capital as one of the fundamental solutions to enter the international arena. He has conducted trainings that help organizations, institutions and the government put more emphasis on human capital development in the quest for accelerated economic growth. Some of his capacity development scopes are:
    · In-plant Specialised Export Fitness check
    · Periodic Export Readiness Capacity Building
    · Training and capacity building and utilization for corporate organizations and public institutions
    · Training for senior and middle-level management staff on total quality management, performance enhancement, and optimal organizational input utilization
    · Entrepreneurship Development Training
    · Small Business Counselling
    · Training of Government Parastatals and private institutions on effective project monitoring and evaluation.

As a principle, Femi Boyede believes that development strategy is essentially a process for a company’s management to set action and long-term results. Femi has worked with various stakeholders to ensure a careful formulation, proper implementation and continuous evaluation of the strategy developed.

  • Some outputs of his Enterprise Development Strategy engagement include;
    · Facilitating company’s management structure and developing strategy guides
    · Supporting management to ensure the best combination of environmental requirements, internal and external partners requirements, and management objectives;
    · Working with company directors to establish the long-term orientation of the company in accordance with external and internal factors.

As an organization grows, improvement has to be made to meet more activities, new business processes, new employees, and new functions and tasks. Over the last 30 years, Femi Boyede has committed time to Organizational Improvement. From small startups to larger enterprises, dozens of organizations have benefitted from the framework of strategic planning that Mr. Boyede has designed; helping them achieve a sense of fulfillment, feel satisfaction for goals met, and address roadblocks and potential bottlenecks without inhibiting revenue.

It is believed that in order for ideas to come to life, they must be translated into policy. Femi Boyede's work with various organizations and institutions has created policies that clearly chart a course for how they achieved social, political, or economic vision.

What drives me most is looking for answers to the question; "what can we do to make things better, how can we improve things?"

Femi Boyede

Meet Mr Femi Boyede

Olufemi Boyede has over thirty years of professional experience in international trade and strategy, policy advocacy and human capital development. He has broad expertise in trade and business environment improvement, regional integration frameworks, trade linkages, services exports, public-private dialogue and advocacy on non-oil exports and enterprise development issues.

He has a strong background in private sector management positions and consulting roles in the business, trade and logistics communities, and more recently has held numerous senior trade and export development positions in Nigeria’s public and private sectors. In addition to several Consultancy assignments with International Agencies including the World Bank, DFID, GIZ, USAID, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the International Trade Centre (ITC), ‘Femi has served as Technical Adviser to three former Nigerian Ministers of Industry, Trade and Investment. 

Boyede has served as consultant to numerous international bodies including the World Bank, DFID, the Commonwealth Business Council, International Trade Center, ILEAP, ECOWAS, NEPAD Business Group and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

He originated and is Convener of the annual Nigerian Non-Oil Export Conference, Exhibition and Awards, NNECEA, for several years, the only platform for public-private sector dialogue on non-oil export development issues. After participating in the PDFII’s trade advocacy dialogues, Mr. Boyede saw clear basis for synergy and has volunteered considerable time and resources to supporting the Trade Team of PDFII, spearheading the conceptualization and eventual registration of the Network of Practicing Non-oil Exporters of Nigeria, NPNEN. As a member of the Steering Committee of PDFII’s Exporters Community of Practice, he has actively led engagements with regulatory agencies to foster the development and growth of Nigeria’s non-oil exports. 


To enable him effectively pursue his passion to foster trade between Africa (with Nigeria as focus), Canada and the world, and to promote trade linkages between the players in these business communities ‘Femi has established the Nigeria Trade and Investment Centre, Canada Inc., NITICCA, and also serves as the President of the Toronto Hub of the Nigerian and Canadian Business Network (NCBN). A serial entrepreneur, ‘Femi is the Chairman of Newgate Medical Services Limited (Newgate Hospital), Nigeria. He also runs his private consultancy firm, Koinonia Global Services Inc. with offices in Canada and Nigeria. As Femi’s proposed solution to Market Access challenges for Nigerian exporters seeking to enter the North American and Canadian markets, ‘Femi has recently established the Nigeria Trade and Investment Centre, Canada. He has also packaged and runs an Export Readiness Programme (for Nigerian MSMEs) in partnership with the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry. ‘Femi Boyede is a Certified International Trade Professional, CITP, the highest professional ranking in International Trade in North America. 


Femi is an embodiment of knowledge who knows so much and is grounded in the field of International Trade and Investment. His passion and knowledge embellish his professionalism in efficiently delivering his consultancy services. Africa needs folks like him to grow her economy.
Mrs. Uju Aisha Hassan-Baba
Former Executive Secretary/CEO, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC)