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Thank you for attending the May edition of our Talking Trade Series. We will be posting the resources for this webinar on this page. Please stay tuned.

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Theme: "Towards an Export-Driven Nigeria: Our Vision, Our Approach."
Guest Speaker: Dr Ezra Yakusak ED/CEO, Nigerian Export Promotion Council

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Nigeria’s Economic Liberation is Dependent on Non-Oil Export – Dr. Ezra Yakusak, ED/CEO, NEPC.

As Nigeria continues to grapple with myriads of economic challenges, particularly given the fluidity of global oil market prices, the country’s inability to meet standards set by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (​​OPEC) and the many in-country loopholes beguiling Nigeria’s oil-based macroeconomics; non-oil export has again gained the spotlight in conversations shaping the economic future of Nigeria.

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About The Talking Trade Webinars

The TATRIG  Talking Trade  Webinars have been set up to discuss, in a professional manner, all the angles related to the various issues that a firm, an individual, or a country can expect to confront as they design, implement or modify their strategic processes to manage global trade. It is a virtual platform for engaging in discussions on international trade; its components, the values international trade offers to individuals, corporations, and countries, such as reducing poverty, creating employment, increasing corporate profitability, and the growth of national economies, among others.

Guest Speaker - Dr Ezra Yakusak ED/CEO NEPC

Dr Ezra Yakusak ED/CEO Nigerian Export Promotion Council

Dr Ezra Yakusak was appointed the ED/CEO of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council late last year.
Until his appointment as head of NEPC, Dr. Yakusak was Director, Policy and Strategy.
With a career that spans decades, Dr Yakusak had held many previous positions. They include :
Director, Trade Information Department, Regional Coordinator (North Central); NEPC SERVICOM Nodal Officer;
Head, Corporate Services Department (encompassing Human Resources, Administration, ICT, Legal, Pension, Security and Staff Welfare);
Secretary, NEPC Governing Board;
Pioneer Legal Officer/Legal Adviser; Focal point on the implementation of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act; and Pioneer Pension Schedule Officer.

Dr Yakusak’s work with NEPC has exposed him to various capacity building programmes, including:

• The 5th UN Conference to review all aspects of the set of multilaterally Agreed Equitable Principles and Rules for the Control of Restrictive Business Practices, 14-18 November 2005 in Antalya, Turkey;

• Conference on Good Governance, Transparency and Anti-Corruption organized by the International Law Institute, 21-25 November 2005 in Abuja;

• Workshop on Alternative Dispute Resolution organised by the California State University Sacramento, College of Health and Human Services, Centre for African Peace and Conflict Resolution in collaboration with the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 4– 5 November 1998 in Abuja;

• Workshop on Export Contract organised by Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (NACCIMA), 5–7 November 1996 in Lagos; and

• Induction Course on Pension Scheme, Underwriting, Financing and Administration, 17– 21 October 1994 in Lagos.


Expected Outputs and Outcomes

The outputs of the Trade Webinar series will include:
a. Webinar Report: A summary of key findings and policy recommendations distilled from each session, combinations of sessions, papers, and keynote speeches.

b. The proceedings of the webinars, incorporating relevant comments and feedback from peer review and webinar participants will be published after the episode or quarter.

c. Presentation of these findings and recommended solutions will be made to relevant governments agencies, ministries and parastatals as well as other identified stakeholders.

d. Our inhouse team will track results of the webinar series, and make updates available to subscribers and stakeholders.

The Moderator /Anchor

Kemi Amusan popularly known as Lady Kay is a linguist (French and English), an Editor, a Crisis Prevention Intervention Trainer and a community leader (leading several thousands of blacks) as the immediate past president of the Nigerian-Canadian Association in Greater Toronto Area, Canada. She currently works as an Assistant Registrar in a great university in the Caribbean. Lady Kay gives back to the community as the Senior Advocate of Global Women Ambassadors, Canada. In this role, she organizes programs to educate, elevate and facilitate many socio-cultural, entrepreneurship, immigration, educative, empowerment programs for families. Lady Kay is also the host of Agbajo Owo and Ask Lady Kay – the broadcasting arms of Global Women Ambassadors that seek to ‘build the community, one family at a time’. 

The Host /Convener

Olufemi Boyede, CITP has over thirty years of professional experience in international trade and strategy, policy advocacy and human capital development. He has broad expertise in trade and business environment improvement, regional integration frameworks, trade linkages, services exports, public-private dialogue and advocacy on non-oil exports and enterprise development issues.

He has a strong background in private sector management positions and consulting roles in the business, trade and logistics communities, and more recently has held numerous senior trade and export development positions in Nigeria’s public and private sectors. In addition to several Consultancy assignments with International Agencies including the World Bank, DFID, GIZ, USAID, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the International Trade Centre (ITC).
‘Femi’s 30 years of international trade expertise places him in a leveraged position to provide professional advice to worldwide with clients (both importers and exporters) helping them to successfully navigate the day to day complexities of the international trade industry. 

His passion to increase awareness and equip  international trade stakeholders forms the basis for these series of webinars.